The Tale of the Butt Plug Tail

The bum is gaining more attention than ever, with social media playing a role in this. It is no surprise, then, that one of the most popular sex toys in the world today is the butt plug. Originating in the 19th Century, rectal dilators are one of the earliest predecessors of the modern butt plug. As with many BDSM sex toys or accessories, their origins are not for pleasure but for medical purposes. Similarly, the recto rotor of 1931 was used to ease constipation and piles. So, how did we get where we are today?

The birth of the sex toy and cheaper manufacturing of rubber and vinyl meant it was easier to find new shapes and sizes. In the 90s, the sex toy industry was introduced to silicone – a durable material that permitted the cleanest, safest and most pleasurable butt plugs around.

So, it is not difficult to understand why the butt plug is a firm favourite for anal players the world over. It is compact, discreet and can guarantee longer lasting, more frequent, mind-blowing orgasms for men and women alike. You can get ejaculating butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs and butt plugs that expand inside you. If you want to go one step further or if you looking for something a bit more playful that will help you and your partner to feel that bit naughtier, the butt plug tail could be the solution.

A type of fetish plug, the butt plug tail is a regular plug but with an animal tail added on for fun. Some people might use it for pet play, others might just want to introduce some dress-up play to the bedroom. The rabbit butt plug is a great way to unleash your inner Playboy Bunny and can be a sexy little addition to some lingerie and a set of bunny ears. Some of the most common examples include fox tails, wolf tails, cat tails and even racoon tails.

Some butt plug tails are even made from medical grade silicone which allow for a simulated ´wagging´ effect. Popular brands include SquarePeg and cater to a range of play preferences. Made from durable silicone, you can wag away for hours on end. Available in a variety of sizes, the added wag brings an element of realism to your biggest pet play fantasies – and they are super easy to use – just clench and enjoy

They are easy to use – at least, as easy as any other butt plug is – and can really inject that extra spark to the bedroom. You can choose from a wide variety of animals, sizes, colours and textures to really personalise the experience. Not necessarily limited to those who are into pet play, butt plug tails can bring a kinky edge to your anal play. If you are unsure, talk to your partner and see if they might be open to trying it – you never know what doors it might open for your sex life , Read more about is here