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Maintaining Your Gutter

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your home gutter system intact. Making sure that your gutters have no bent areas is one suggestion made by those who help you prepare your home for sale.Clean and well maintained gutters add to your home’s sale-ability.

Most home improvement experts suggest that you clean your gutters twice yearly. If your gutters are clogged with debris such as leaves and twigs the rain will not run off or drain properly. It’s important to make sure that the rain isn’t spilling over the top of your gutter and onto your foundation. Over time this can cause damage to the home’s foundation.

It is suggested that you clean your gutters in the Fall after all the leaves have fallen from the surrounding trees, and in the Spring. While you’re cleaning your gutters you will want to inspect them for any holes or rust through. Make sure there are no loose nails. Check to make sure the gutters are securely fastened to the house.

After you have removed all the debris from the gutter you’ll want to rinse any remaining debris down the gutter and into the downspout with your garden hose. This will also help you to make sure that your downspout isn’t clogged with debris. If you find the water not running into the downspout you can remove the downspout, clean it and then replace it.

Make sure that the water running out of the downspout is being properly diverted with the use of a plastic or concrete diverter. You don’t want the water emptying out on the ground where it will cause erosion.

Gutter guards have become very popular and do away with the problem of having to clean your gutters, although they will still need twice yearly inspection. For a do-it-yourself type installing gutter guards isn’t a big deal, and, it could save you thousands of dollars over having the gutter guards installed by professionals.

Some people think that gutter guards are very expensive and not worth the money. While gutter guards prevent large leaves from entering the gutter they do not stop much smaller natural debris such as seeds, buds, small pieces of bark and twigs or evergreen needles. All this type of natural matter breaks down over time to form debris in your gutter. Also, debris can build up over the gutter guard screening that will have to be manually cleaned off. Some have found that gutter guards actually cause them more problems.

There Is Always Something To Improve or Innovate For Comfort

In this fast moving world of the 21st century, we are always forced to do everything in a rush, even eating and sleeping. The normal words of today are “hurry”, “rush”, “fast”, “quick” and “immediately.” In comparison with 20 years ago, today we have to move or work as fast as possible to survive in a competitive environment with creative and innovative ways. Even though modern technology innovations were introduced decades ago, the new technology has not yet given us the opportunity to create new products to reduce the stress of people in everyday life. We are living under constant mental and physical stress, with more and more demands from our current society. There are many consumer products claiming that they will cure stress and make life easy, but it is still hard to find good and innovative products on the market for consumers. From time to time, I wonder why multimillion dollar companies, which have hundreds of research engineers and scientists in their R&D departments, are not creating and producing the new, innovative products for consumers. New product innovation is not complicated to create. By watching how people are using the products, anyone can have an idea of how to improve existing products or create new ones. No products are perfect when they are invented or developed in the first place; therefore any product has room to be improved into a better one.
For example, examining paint related-products, I could not find really innovative or new products for improving paint jobs to make them easy and enjoyable. We are still using the same products and the same methods of doing paint jobs as we did a hundred years ago. In the past, whenever I did a paint job, I always found something bothering me or some inconvenience about painting and I have asked myself why better products do not exist for easy and quick paint jobs. About a year ago, I finally decided to research and develop new paint-related products that are simple to use, inexpensive and environmentally friendly.
1. Ergonomic Paint-Can Handle/Opener
Everybody knows that carrying a paint can by its wire handle is uncomfortable and causes hand and arm pain. Based on research among professional painters, I discovered there is a need for a comfort handle. The Ergonomic Paint-Can Handle/Opener is a new invention that is ergonomically designed for comfort in holding the paint can while brushing directly from the can, and eliminates hand and arm pain. It also keeps hands clean when dipping and brushing directly from the can. The Paint Can Opener conveniently provides for easy opening of any paint can lid and bottle cap instead of using a screwdriver.
2. Rapid-Pour Paint Spout
Nobody like messiness or hassle while pouring or brushing directly from the can. The rim and gutter always seem to get paint build-up that causes dripping on the floor and difficulty in resealing the lid after use. The Rapid-Pour Paint Spout is a new invention that removes the mess and inconvenience of painting. It provides drip-proof pouring, prevents paint build-up, in the can rim and gives a tighter reseal. Tighter reseal will result in less spoiled paint, keeping longer, saving money, and it’s environmentally friendly. When the paint is dried, just tap it and it will peel itself off. There is no need to use water or solvents for cleaning. This is an environmentally friendly product.
3. Rapid Paint Mixer
Mixing or stirring paint in the can causes not only discomfort when stirring with a paint stick, but can also cause hand and arm pain, which makes it takes longer and results in the paint not mixing well. The Rapid Paint Mixer is a new invention that is ergonomically designed to remove these inconveniences. The up and down plunger handle provides effortless, easy, quick and thorough mixing of any paint products. It is simple to use and reuse. When paint is dried, just tap and the paint will peel itself off. There is no need to use water or solvents for cleaning. This is an environmentally friendly product.
4. E-Zy Zip Bag for Paint Brush/Roller
It is always a difficult task to keep the paint brush/roller clean and fresh after use. The bristles/roller of even a thoroughly cleaned brush/roller will harden when it dries. Sometimes it is hard to reuse, and we end up discarding. This is simply wasting our hard-earned money. The E-Zy Bag for Paint Brush/Roller is a new invention that is designed to cover the hand while brushing/rolling. It keeps the brush/roller moist to prevent hardening after use, so it can be reused as new. Just insert the brush/roller handle through the E-Zy Bag mouth to the bottom opening until the handle is out. Remove liners from both sides of tape, and press to adhere them together to the brush/roller handle to seal the bottom opening. Fold the E-Zy Bag over to expose the brush/roller and to cover the hand while painting. This protects the hand from paint. Clean the paint brush/roller with hot water or solvent after use by holding the protected handle. Turn it inside out to cover the brush/roller, and seal the bag opening with the self-sealing plastic strip to trap air and moisture in the bag.
5. Magic Sleeve
Nobody likes cleaning the paint tray after use. It is the worst part of the paint job, and is not only inconvenient but also environmentally unfriendly. There are plastic paint tray liners on the market, but they are not only expensive to throw away after use, but do not fit into all paint trays. The Magic Sleeve is a new invention that eliminates cleaning the paint tray, keeps hands clean, avoids messiness, and makes it possible to reuse the paint tray as new. It is a plastic bag with adhesive inside. Just place the Magic Sleeve onto any paint tray, peel of the liner of the adhesive inside, and press it down onto the paint tray. It will cover and take the form of the paint tray. After the paint job, simply remove by turning it inside out and disposing in the proper recycling bin. There is no messiness, no hassle involved in cleaning the paint tray. This is environmentally friendly product.
These paint related-products are designed and developed to improve the ease of your next paint job, based on my paint job experience and gathering complaints from other painters. As an engineer, I am always curious about anything from consumer products to machinery to methods of manufacturing. It is my honest goal to improve and innovate existing or new products to provide comfort and ease of use for consumers. I have designed and developed over 20 other inventions that are patented or patent pending. Some are in the market currently. My curiosity pushes me to think and solve whatever problems I face with the existing products. It is very satisfying to know that my inventions may contribute in some way to consumers by providing comfort and convenience in this complex, stressed-out and competitive world.

Safe Cleaning With Ladder Use Tips

Fall and spring are the two seasons closely associated to annual general cleaning and house maintenance. For gutter cleaning or window washing, ladders are the basic tools people reach for to start their cleaning chores. It doesn’t matter if you use wood ladders, giant ladders, fiberglass ladders, or any super ladder out in the market. These ladders’ structure and material may reduce your risk of being unstable and falling but only just. They are indispensable tools, but can cause a lot of trouble if not used properly. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported over 547,000 cases were admitted in hospitals and medical outposts due to injuries incurred from ladder use. Though mostly fractures, bruises, and minor cuts, some barely escaped with head trauma and concussions. As such, ladder safety is as essential as your trusty ladder is.

To formally start your cleaning sessions and hopefully finish it without going anywhere near the hospital, inspect your ladders. Loose screws, nuts and bolts, hinges, and rungs must be tightened properly to ensure that the ladder will remain stable while being climbed. Even if you have regular ladders, giant ladders, fiberglass ladders, or any super ladder, dirt, mud, and grime can accumulate and settle on its corners and steps. This is especially true if the ladder is not stored properly or kept outdoors. These grime and muck must be wiped off and cleaned. This will reduce your risk of slipping on the steps. Second, for practicality and safety, position ladders on hard, level ground. The thawing of the soil after the winter will leave the ground with much moisture content. This will make your ground soft and muddy. There is a possibility that your ladder may sink in the mud and be shaky. Uneven ground or flooring also make ladders prone to wobbling and instability. In addition, make sure that the locks and braces are fixed and properly engaged. This will keep your ladder from folding under you.

Regular ladders, giant ladders, fiberglass ladders, or any super ladders are not structured to support your entire weight for long periods. They are structured to be climbing tools only, meaning they support your weight for a limited period while you are climbing to a more stable surface like the roof. This means that you should not, under any condition, use ladders as seats. You will stress the steps and may cause the braces to weaken. Climb down if you want to rest and settle on a chair. It is also important to use the proper ladder for specific purposes. Stool ladders and utility ladders are advisable for low heights while extension ladders like giant ladders are preferred for reaching high levels. Fiberglass ladders are also preferred because of their strength. Also, it is essential to move carefully when carrying things while on top of ladders. Unnecessary wobbling and jerky movements can cause the ladder to shake and be unbalanced. Lastly, it is almost common sense to position the ladder close to the surface you want to reach to avoid leaning over. Asking help in climbing and supporting ladders never hurt anyone as long as you make sure that the one supporting you understands these safety concerns. Make your cleaning a breeze with your trusty ladder and safety tips.